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A castle in Napoleon II


    This is a castle built in 1650, located in the border between eastern France and Switzerland, 500Km from Paris and 65Km from Geneva. Built on a slope and with a south direction it has got a 180 °panoramic view and when it is sunny the vision can be up to 50 kilometers.     It has four floors with 1200 square meters living space, 20 rooms, of which 9 are bedrooms with toilet and bathroom, two dinning rooms, four living rooms, a library, a billiards room, a well-equipped professional kitchen, three bathrooms and two storage rooms. With coverage of 12 hectares, about 180 acres, the Castle has its own vineyards and wine cellars, automatically-heated swimming pool, a servant 260 square meters villa and a row of 200 square meters workers equipment rooms. It adopts diesel-heated boilers for heating.  
    Located at the foot of the Alps, with perennial snow behind but trees in front. Every autumn, winter and spring, lovely deer will go foraging next to the castle. With three floors on the ground and one underground,the kitchen on the eastern side can accommodate 60 people. The heating equipments and wine cellar are under the ground. 16 bedrooms. A bathroom in each floor. The wallpapers inside are hand-painted by the famous 17th century craftman.
    The castle was built with cut stones. It has slate roof, fuel-heating equipment with automatic control system, independent water and drainage system, old-fashioned wooden floor and fireplace, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court as well as a helicopter parking lawn. Alarming system throughout the castle is available.
    In addition, there are some rare and old trees, two subsidiary buildings, a two-tier small building, of which the first tier is occupied by a garage with two parking spaces and a tool room and the second tier is an apartment, including a kitchen, a living room and three bedrooms.
    Since Roman times people here has started to grow grapes and brew wine. In 1383, the vineyards here were bought by Count Sava, and presented to a monastery. The Monks built a wine storage here. In 1600, the monks built a castle on the wine storage. At that time, the area of vineyard is 30 hectares (about 450 acres), and people near the village were working on it. In 1791, during the French Revolution, the castle was occupied by people participating in the revolution and sold to a Baron in Napoleon I who later became a general.
    The baron rebuilt the castle and gardens and converted them to the look what we can see today. The baron’s family badge was carved in the stairs outside the castle.
    The castle was sold to Randolph family in 1930, was converted into a resort in 1950 and it belongs to a new owner in 1992 and  he decorates in accordance with the 19th century castle-house style as well as taking the comfort of modern life into account.

The castle among trees

A family badge contains a family history of the castle owner

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

The Automatically-heated Swimming Pool

A dinning hall that can accommodate 60 persons

The wall cloth hand-painted by a Famous 17th century French craftsman

Wine-making Room

The Wine Cellar
Servant Villa and Workplace left to the Castle 


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